Old Things Have Passed Away, Behold, All Things Are Become New

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In a series of posts to a forum on http://www.sermonindex.net Ron Bailey wrote about the “Baptism in the Spirit”, this study contains some of extracts from those posts.

In his introduction Ron writes, "In this study we will try to build 'from the ground' up, rather than reacting to contemporary views or definitions of the 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit'. Suppose you were in a closed country with no access  to denominational or historical sources. Your only source is the scripture which you 'search diligently' to know what Christ expects of you and what you may expect of Him; this is my attempt  to answer the last half of that search."

This study covers:

  • The Old Testament's Hidden Baptisms
    • The Flood
    • The Crossing of the Red Sea
    • Naaman's Baptism
    • Isaiah's Baptism
    • Ezekiel's Baptism
  • The Jewish Baptism of Proselytes
  • John Baptist's Testimony
  • The forgotten baptism
  • New Testament use of the word
  • What really happened at Cornelius' place

I hope you enjoy it.


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