Sunday Worship V1.3 Released – Adds downloadable Bibles

Sunday Worship V1.3 has been released. The main focus of this release is the new support for downloading and installing additional Bibles for use with the Scripture picker. There are also some bug fixes.

You can get the new version from the download page or by clicking here.

A new version of the getting started guide can be downloaded from here.

New features in SundayWorship 1.3

  • Download additional Bibles
  • Added support for typing non-English Bible book names
  • Display musical keys for songs
  • Drag and drop for adding content to the content pickers
  • Added additional keyboard shortcuts for the Projector view
  • Updated manual

Bug fixes in SundayWorship 1.3

  • Failed detection of PowerPoint can prevent SundayWorship from starting
  • PowerPoint presentations were not running correctly
  • License dialog was shown but hidden when 30 day trial period had expired
  • Improved the performance of the picture browser for large numbers of pictures

Downloading additional Bibles

To view list of available Bibles use the Bible Manager by clicking Tools –> Bibles and then select the Downloadable Bibles.

At present we are able to offer Public Domain or royalty free Bibles. For this release we’ve added Bibles in French, German, Spanish, Polish as well as a couple of alternative English Bibles.

For more information see the updated Getting Started Guide.

Using non-English Bible names

To help users whose first language is not English we’ve added the ability to search for Bible references using non-English names. We currently support French, German, Romanian and Spanish.

To use this feature use Tools –> Options –> General and select the Language to use.

Existing users

SundayWorship 1.3 is a free upgrade for all existing users of previous versions.

Before upgrading we recommend making a backup of your song database. To do that use File –> Export –> SundayWorship song database.